Saturday, July 17, 2010

put the blame on hormones

I don't know how to put this in words but right now I'm totally annoyed. It's just a stupid problem but I don't know. I'm just annoyed with this.

Argh. I can't login into my exams' result website. I'm pretty sure the password and the username is correct. I've kept trying and trying and trying till I fed up and end up writing this stupid post.

I think I've think too much recently (eceh, padahal makan tidur makan tidur tengok tv je duduk rumah) *grin*. All those graduating things, where to work, what I really want to do for the rest of my life, all the not so important things right now but eventually will become big things, plus recently I need to handle lots of home stuff. Lightning struck recently at the tree in front of our house and we got pretty some damages here and there. Need to fix those things up.yada yada yada. *sigh*

Aish, can I put all the blames on hormones? Well, why not kan. I'm a girl after all.

p/s: Eh, 22 tahun nak girl lagi ke? ke nak kena tulis woman? tak terasa macam woman la plak tapinye~